Dr. Nawal Alem Al-Chaarani is a Consultant Dermatologist and a proud mother of three. She started out her career working at Hamad Medical Cooperation in 1982 as a Resident in Dermatology, and in 1988, she attained her Diploma in Dermatology from London University, Saint Thomas Hospital followed by her Dermatology Board in 1991. In 1994, Dr. Nawal established the first female Dermatologist private practice in Doha and is currently one of the leading Dermatologists and business women in the region. Dr. Nawal was born in Lebanon and was raised in Saudi Arabia.  In 2008, Dr. Nawal won the Qatari Business Women Award and is currently a Board Member of the Qatar Business Women Association. In 2014, Dr. Nawal was ranked the sixty-ninth on Forbes' 200 Most Powerful Women. 

Health & Beauty Group was founded in order to carry Dr.Nawal’s three health business units: Health & Beauty Pharmacy, Tadawi Medical Center and the Ideal Diet.  Her ultimate goal is to attain a health-focused society in Qatar and the region by educating and enhancing health awareness.

Tadawi Medical Center (TMC) consists of various specialties that make up our 18 clinics with a focus on health maintenance, beauty and anti-aging.  TMC’s team of specialized Doctors, Specialists, and Nurses make a family of professionals who are specifically chosen from around the globe in order to provide our clients and patients a high-quality service and care under Dr. Nawal’s vision of treating, educating and maintaining.

Health & Beauty Pharmacy represents a chain of pharmacies that provide a broad range of medical products, pharmaceuticals and prescription medicines. In addition, we offer a range of medical and cosmetic products for which we are the sole provider. These products are imported from France, Italy, South Africa, Malaysia, and the United States. Products are selected with relevance to their quality and market demand.

Ideal Diet is a nutrition center that is the first and only specialized supplier of macrobiotic and organic-unprocessed and non-artificial food in Qatar. Ideal Diet consists of a nutrition clinic at Tadawi Medical Center for consultation and body analysis, a catering kitchen for home delivered full-day meal boxes, a dine-in restaurant and a boutique for raw organic, gluten-free or macrobiotic ingredients. Ideal Diet offers to attain help and guidance in planning individuals’ dietary plan whether to avoid certain food types due to a medical condition or to maintain, lose or gain weight. 

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